About Us

Meet the Artist

Lisa Herrera

Denver’s premier wedding cake designer creating edible performances. From the moment it’s seen with the eyes, to the sounds of NOM NOM NOM when the fork hits the mouth, I create art you can eat.

The tradition of the cutting the cake has been around for centuries. It symbolizes the first act as newlyweds. I love to create a customized cake for each couple to make that memorable moment even more special. Wedding cakes can showcase a couple’s style and personalities, but can also be an extension of their decor in their event. I don’t just make your cake, I create an experience. My attention to detail and the love for my craft goes into every cake I make.

Fun fact about me…I’ve appeared on The FoodNetwork series “Cake Wars Christmas” I’ve also been featured in the nationally recognized American Decorating Magazine.


So, I’ll share with you my WHY. The reason for my passion….because it brings me so much joy to help people in creating beautiful memories. I know how precious memories are. It’s all you have left when something is over. I started my business over 10 years ago because I needed to be there for my daughter Bella Rose who had special needs and was wheelchair bound. Making cakes was something that I was blessed to discover when times were challenging. It allowed me to be able to make an income without sacrificing my need to be available for my children, especially for her. Sadly, Bella Rose, at 7 years old, was sent to heaven in 2012. A Cake Come True was born because of her, and now that she is gone, continuing my business helps me to still feel connected to her. When Bella was alive, it was my job to care for her and advocate for her. It was my purpose in life to be her mother. And when I was suddenly left with empty arms, I was left feeling like I didn’t have a purpose any longer. After years of mourning, self-discovery, and the evolution of myself, I came to see that my purpose is in my love for my craft and the ability to make others happy through it. I didn’t choose to make cakes for a living….cake chose me. And with a little help from my angel, I am living out my dream. I honor her in my business through my logo. Her favorite color being pink, and she was my Bella Rose.

Our Goals

Make Beautiful Custom Cakes

If you’ve got an idea for a gourmet custom cake, I will make your vision a reality. Known for my skill to sculpt and create just about anything from cake and sugar, I specialize in delectable desserts that make your special occasions memorable. Read More

Push The Limits Of What Is Possible

My passion for amazing edible art pushes us to continue learning about trends and techniques that help me master my skills. My desire for excellence, and attention to detail, allows me to push myself to create anything you can dream up. Read More