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Cake is a form of art. It’s the best kind actually. Art that you can see, touch, smell and taste. I really love painted cakes and the creative process that goes along with it. I’ve painted many cakes, but painting on buttercream can be a challenge, but so worth the risk. When painting on buttercream, either with food gel colors, dusts or even colored buttercream, the results are works of art that anybody can appreciate.

I decided to try a new food color product, Tru Color dusts to paint on a buttercream cake. Tru Color is an all natural food color in a dust form, and you just add distilled water. Now, water and butter aren’t friends. They fight against each other and the water naturally wants to repel. The end result however is pretty awesome.

I use Swiss Meringue on my cakes, which is an all butter base, and I added some caramel sauce to it because, well, it’s just plain delicious, but it also gave it this lovely, rich ivory color. I then used my Tru Color dusts, all shimmer colors. Fuchsia, teal, and a little gold. Because the water doesn’t want to stick the buttercream, it leaves this nice watercolor effect. It kind of beads off a little, but I really liked that. It added that something special and unique to the cake. Because of this, it allowed me to blend the colors together and transition to the next color, but it’s not too saturated, so it still looked delicate. I also added some splashes of gold. A cake is not complete without a giant fantasy sugar flower on top! I added a gold jewel in the middle of the flower, made from sugar of course, just to add a little bling.

I yet to try these color dusts on other products. You are supposed to be to airbrush with it, add it to you fondant or buttercream like you would gel colors, but its all natural and safer, especially for those who are sensitive to food dyes. I keep everyone posted!


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