Star Wars galaxy drip cake

March, 2016 No Comments Cakes

Who doesn’t love the new Star Wars movie! On Valentines day, I decided to create a cake that was fun and unexpected for the day of love.

I made a cake to look like a galaxy and put R2D2 on top. I started with black fondant and hand painted it to look like the galaxy. All edible of course. I used a paper towel technique and flicked white paint with a tooth brush, yes, I said a toothbrush, to appear as stars in the galaxy. I used colored ganache to create the drip effect. The drip cake seems to be very popular right now. I swirled the top to look like the Milky way. I made R2D2 into the shape of a heart, all made from fondant. I added some sheen to make it weathered as he is in the movies.  It was a small cake, but had a big impact, by having those special details.

I really loved how it turned out. I love to hand paint on cakes. It gives it an element that is truly unique. 

May the Force be with you!


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